First and foremost, I would like to say that I have finally decided to transfer domains. New domain will be: Will buy my own domain. :)

Second of all, would like to greet everyone Happy New Years. Stay happy and find your happiness this 2014.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Will give this blog 3 months before I delete it. :) See you in my new domain.


She tries to blog!

Happy Holidays everyone! How was your Christmas?Are you enjoying the still coldness of the air and the jolly good ol’ yuletide season? I am currently listening to the movie Frozen’s soundtracks while making this blog. It currently matches the Christmas feel and enlightens my mood to blog ( I have serious blog mood fluctuations). Anyway, before I feature the last Filipino personal style blogger for today, let’s have a recap on the four bloggers, shall we?

We have Tricia Gosingtian, Cheesie, Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy so far. Remember to click their names in the original post. It redirects you to their personal blogs. :D Now for the last featured blogger, let’s all welcome the last but not the least…


Camille is a fashion designer, a model and a stylist. She’s the owner and designer of Coexista clothing line that caters to the young and fashion savvy women of today. The way she picks out patterns and colors and how she matches with different styles of fashion is what I love about this girl. Her creativity is unique. And also, she entertains and replies to your questions and comments. She started out as a blogger on the month of April 2011. Look how far she has gone through the past two years. ♥ I want to be like her someday. Ohhh, how I envy her taste in fashion. In one of her interviews, she doesn’t want to be referred as a fashion blogger, but rather she prefers the title “personal style” blogger. :D She also gets collaborations, sponsors and she travels to other countries for work. She is a friend both to Kryz and Laureen. They call themselves as ” Blogging Besties”. ♥ Ain’t they sweet? 

I know you guys are waiting for her outfit shots and here goes nothing. These are some of my favorite outfit shots of Camille Co:










Well, enough is enough for today. If you want to check her awesome outfit shots, check her blog. Just click her name located above this post. :D So I hope I did some justice during the wait guys. xoxo Leaving a comment is highly appreciated. So as you can see, these five girls are my inspirations to becoming a personal style blogger. Stay tuned!

She has thirsty thoughts!

Okay, I bet you guys are getting impatient for our next featured Filipina blogger. I’ve been busy with work lately and especially, with the parties. December is the last month of the year, but it is also my busiest month. There are lots of parties. LOTS; Birthday and Christmas parties alike. Plus, work and social life has taken most of my time so I apologize for this late post.

I hope you enjoyed my last two posts:  Shine Bright Like A Starr and Two of Us . I know I’m such a noob when it comes to photography but I promised myself that I will get better in this field. ( Don’t I sound optimistic?) Lol!

Anyway, you guys have been waiting for this next feature. She is quite thirsty for thoughts, I tell you. Her name is no other than…


” Simplicity is beauty.”, is what I always say. Well, most of the time anyway. Kryz Uy is a personal style blogger from the Philippines, specifically from Cebu. She is the creative director of WAGW (What a Girl Wants), a chain of retail boutiques in the Philippines. If you were able to follow my posts, a photo shoot of her and her boyfriend inspired me to have this amateur shoot Two Of Us. (Welcome those hateful criticisms once again, Lol!) Putting those aside, Kryz’s style is more simpler compared to the other four bloggers BUT… ( Yes, there’s a but)…it is always catchy and elegant. Her elegance and choice of wardrobe make her like any other. She is simple but classy and elegant but sassy. She makes use of what she can and has a very extravagant way of matching this and that.She is a dancer, she does yoga and she is one energetic girl. ♥

And this is the penultimate of the list so get ready.

These are some of my favorite outfit shots of Kryz:

Okay, that’s enough for today. Check her blog out for more outfit shots. Remember, these girls are my inspirations to make my own personal style blog and I hope you guys would also check my choice of wardrobe too.

Shine Bright Like A Starr

From what I mentioned earlier from my previous blog post about me having a very sexy thing for portraits, today’s feature would be on my second photography project.

The BTS of this blog won’t follow. Didn’t take a lot of BTS pictures on this one. Mac was too busy shopping online. Lol! Anyway, this was just a small shoot – y’know, just to practice myself.

I edited and published the photos a week later after the shoot. There are two reasons for the delay. First, I wasn’t feeling well the day after the said shoot and three days later, I was brought to the nearest hospital’s emergency room. Second, I didn’t have any editing programs that would read a RAW file. And after days and days of searching the wonders of Google, I finally found one.

Now, without further delay, here is my second photography project. In short, my prography (project photography). Lol! Forgive my neologism. It’s hitting up again.

I amazed myself on this one. How did I manage to edit this so professionally? Lol!

I have a sucker’s talent at editing photos. Ugh! I need to improve. I need to do more shoots. I am currently saving up for another camera body and some portrait lenses and I really want someone to teach me the basics of photo-editing. Photoshop is such a complicated and sophisticated program. Note: Just so you know, I didn’t use Adobe Photoshop for editing these photos nor did I use Lightroom.

Gave this blog the title of ” Shine Bright Like A Starr” because Starr was, well, so bright at that time. Haha. She has this very cute laughter that makes you want to cuddle her and the way she was emitting her yellow aura was beyond giddy. ( Yes, people. I can see auras). And what I love about her was that no matter how tired she was for putting up with this project of mine, she still had the energy to continue. Thanks Starr. xoxo


photography and makeup

Mau Sarcon


Phoebe Bitoon

photography mentor and assisstant

Mark Villamor

photography project title

Shine Bright Like A Starr

Two of Us

What do you get when you suddenly change hobbies? Other than ideas on telling yourself to get better on that certain field, there are certain sacrifices that have to be made. I’m a cosplayer (was…uh… I don’t know) and my last cosplay was still back in March this year, and take this, think about the months of hiatus. People have been telling me on Facebook that they haven’t seen me in the cosplay community. For that, I can give you two reasons. First, for some reason, every single event is held on a Saturday. And I have work on Saturdays so no can do. I just can’t file a leave whenever there is an event. That would leave me penniless. Lol! Second, I don’t have the resources to cosplay ( money, time, etc.).  Whether I like it or not, these are inevitable. Despite the reasons in my list, I am only going to give you two. Other reasons, well, may be a bit too personal.

But hey, despite my long hiatus in the cosplay community, I have been keeping myself busy with a new hobby. Photography. That’s right. You read it right. I still remember my first post as a blogger; telling myself how I wanted to become a photographer. Let’s just call myself as a “photographer-wanna-be”.I am not worthy to be be called as a photographer compared to all the professionals out there. That would be unfair. Anyway, if you want to read my first post as a blogger, do so here

This year has been good to me. So many positive happenings and the like. I got to have my very own first DSLR bought with my own savings. So yeah, if you’ve read my first blog post, you would know what I’m currently talking about. When I first laid my hands on this baby of mine, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t figure things out, for example, the shutter speed, the ISO, the exposure etc etc. And I know, to become a photographer, you’d have to eventually learn of these things. So during my free time at work, I would google away all the possible answers I could get. Google surprises you in mysterious ways. <3

I’ve done two shoots so far. I have a very sexy thing for portraits. I don’t know why but I know it’s a calling. But for this blog post, I am going to have more emphasis on the first shoot I had which I entitled as the ” Two of Us“. A couple shoot of a famous Cebuana Fashion Blogger and her boyfriend inspired me to have one. The photos are enchanting. And the photographer was able to catch every moment of their cute romance. So thus, the idea of me having a couple shoot as my very first photography project was born.

It was a bright cloudy day and I know, that didn’t even make sense because we all know the word cloudy usually means “dark”. I was having a hard time figuring my camera out. Photoshop is such a complicated program. It takes absolutely god given talent for you to be good at it. Anyway, what I did wrong was I set my camera to JPEG format instead of RAW ( have mercy on the photographer-wanna-be-that-didn’t-do-her-homework-beforehand). So please forgive the photos if they are too pixelated and grainy for your liking. I edited these photos amateurishly using some editing programs I found online.

And again, welcome those hateful criticisms. *waves white flag*

I would like to thank Kimberly Lavarez and Mico Sato for making this shoot a success and for acting professional all throughout the shoot. Also to Marjorie Bongbong, for sticking with us and for pampering Kim’s face. Also thanks to Ray Franchis Patalinghug ang Mark Alud Villamor for teaching me the ways of photography. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thanks for putting up with me and my selfish requests. <3  Lablab

BTS of this blog here

She breaks styles!

My knees are killing me at this moment. I am so tired from all the grinding and the dancing when my friends and I went clubbing last night. I went home approximately 1 in the morning and I woke up at 9:45 AM. My knees are so heavy.  It feels like an aftermath after climbing a very steep mountain has just taken its toll.

Since Tricia and Cheesie are good to go, let’s have the next featured blogger now, shall we?

This will be the third blogger on the list. If you are confused and is currently asking yourself, ” What is she talking about?”, please read here. And for those of you, who knows what exactly this is all about, please continue on.

Anyway, remember when I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts that 4 out of 5 bloggers are Filipinos? Since, Tricia and Cheesie are done, that’s one Filipino and one Malaysian respectively, the rest now are Filipinos. So on to the chase.

Laureen Uy

Meet fashion blogger from the Philippines, Laureen. She is well-known to her readers as ” Laureen Uy” but to her friends as ” Lau”( well, imagine that: “MAU”). Lau’s simple ideas have more of the exotic style in it. It has the wonders of mixing different genres of fashion with colors that would overlap and would make a great combo. She gets sponsors and also, like Tricia, travel to countries for any collaborations. Laureen is much more of the endearing type and one that would take  risks. *winks* She loves sweets and would often pig out in restaurants, and that’s one of the things I love about her. And based from her Instagram account, macaroons are her favorite.

 And what I’m about to show you are some of my favorite outfit shots of Laureen:

Ecstatic, isn’t she?

Two more bloggers to go for the wait. *insert peace hand sign here*

Just noticed that most of my favorites are her black outfits. Well, whaddya’ know?


This is getting a habit. I’ve noticed I’ve kept on changing themes. There must be something wrong with me. Lol. I think I’d stick with spun theme. It’s simple, cute and very clean. VERY. Clean. *insert poker face here* Anyway, what I love about this theme is that the featured images of the posts are the main focus. So, if you guys would check out my site, you’d easily see an update by thinking ” Ooooh, I’ve never seen this pic before” and just click away. Lol. I’m getting random nowadays. Forgive me.

Just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday to me! Just turned one year older once again. It sometimes breaks my heart. See? I even sound so old now. Ugh! Setting issues of old age aside, I just had my Christmas Bonus Pay last night, and yes I can finally buy the camera lens I’ve always had my eyes on. I can finally become the photographer wanna-be I’ve always dreamed of. I will purchase the lens sometime this December so my outfits shots are still scheduled for January. You know, just to start the year with happy vibes. Lol.

People gave me presents. BIRTHDAY PRESENTS. And I’m happy, honestly. Not that I’m not used to it but every time someone gives me one, I’d turn into this small little red mushroom and just wait for the feels to disappear. I am so weird.

Sorry for this random post. I am just a little proud red mushroom to share this to the world.

My family surprised me so early in the morning with a cake and some candles. So I have to like, blow the candles in a very zombie mode. That started my birthday with good vibes.

My best friend gave me a gift. A small pocket book about friendship. Isn’t she the sweetest? ♥ I spent work like…uh… as usual. After work, my friends and I went to have some chocolate cupcakes my mom bought for me out in the park. So we had a greasy chocolate festival on our own and we didn’t care ( People were looking at us and we had chocolate smudges all over our face as we pigged out). We were like elementary students and our conversations were so random. We played charades, limbo, and sang 80s and 90s songs like there’s no tomorrow.

My boyfriend’s so generous. I was, to be honest, stunned of what he gave me. They were too much. He gave me a 28 karat gold pendant and a DSLR tripod. GET THAT. THOSE. Can someone spell EXPENSIVE for me? Ugh. Men and their money.

Might post pictures of their gifts in my future posts.

Anyway, spent my 21st birthday with family and friends. ♥ It was so  memorable.

She’s all cheese!

Well, I was about to prolong the wait a little bit by posting pictures of my photography projects to you guys and no, I am not the model BUT the photographer. I wanted to show you guys how much of a noobie I am when it comes to photography. And yes, welcome those hateful criticisms. Lol. But sad to say, my blog is currently on maintenance so I guess that has to wait. ( I have to copy paste ) *wink wink*

For those, who don’t know what I’m babbling about, read here

So today, on with our second blogger for the wait. Continue reading She’s all cheese!

She will go places!

I can’t wait to blog about my styles and fashionpicks to you guys, but sad to say, I still have to get my DSLR some sharp lenses for better photos. Besides, the idea of me posting “whole-body selfies” is absurd and is just low as a personal style blogger wanna-be. I may start posting outfit shots this January. Going to spend my Christmas bonus pay for those camera lenses I’ve had had my eyes on. Despite all this excitement of blogging my personal taste in fashion with you guys, I would love to entertain the wait with some personal faves of my fashion bloggers one by one. I’ve been a follower of their blogs ever since 2012. Since I’m from the Philippines, 4 out of 5 of my featured bloggers are Filipinos. So get ready! Continue Reading She will go places…