Okay. To start this post, I’m going to start off first with this piece of information: I’m NOT new to blogging but I’m definitely NEW to wordpress and its wonders. At first, I was kind of hesitant to move domains. Everything seems so complicated here. All these new icons and buttons, so to say. This community. And all these awesome features. (。´╹A╹`。)

Please be good to me!

Anyway, there are… Hmm… I can’t pinpoint how many reasons there are, but let’s start off with the first reason I decided to move my blog to wordpress.

1.) The previous blog site that I was in, always seems to be down. And every time there are reports or complaints regarding that matter, the site’s support team’s response to address it is slow. Forgive me, but yes, it is slow. Sometimes, they won’t even respond at all. One of the many reasons that makes a blogger stay, is all the help and support they can get. I don’t know with you guys, but for me, that one factor is very important.

2.) For confidentiality reasons, let’s give the previous blog site the code name: Site X. I’ve always wanted my own domain name. I am willing to pay the price per year. But what stopped me from doing so in Site X is the countless numbers of complaints I’ve read online regarding their downtime. Comments such as ” I bought the $99.00 package and all I get is this downtime”, ” I’m wasting my money on this site. This made me regret so much.” and ” Warning for those bloggers who are willing to go premium, NEVER, I mean, NEVER use this site. Downtime always.” Such negativity you know. Whelp.

3.) Since I’ve found so many good feedback regarding wordpress, so I asked myself ” Why don’t you just give it a try, Mau? No harm done right? ” and thus, I found myself here. Before signing up, I made sure to read all the premium features this site has to offer, and oh, let’s not forget all the “help and support” I can get. Also, uptime is uptime.

4.) MORE PUBLICITY. WordPress has a community. ♥ It also has a like and follow buttons which are superb. Sorry. I’m just so new to this that this alone, made me super happy. I mean, blogging in a community. You never know who you can meet. :) Again, please be good to me wordpress community.

5.) Statistics within the site. ♥ I don’t have to go all the trouble to connect to Google Analytics. Site X lets you connect to a lot of sites. A LOT of sites.

6.) This site allows you to upload a favicon. Your OWN friggin’ favicon. In Site X, you still have to buy it as a feature. *sulks*

7.) Awesome themes that are FREE.

And tadaa, I think these are all it. I’m still exploring wordpress and its wonders ( this could be a good tag *wink wink*), and that concludes my first wordpress blog post.


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