Silver Linings

Okay, since I am inspired of all the selcas in the world PLUS my love for fashion bloggers and fashion itself ♥, I have decided to blog about it. Wish me luck. LOL.

I decided to give this blog the title of “Silver Linings” because I was wearing gray here. This is an old photo. This was taken on October 24, 2011.

I had two shoots on this day. A cos-shoot and a portfolio shoot. This was the first shoot.

As you can see, I had trouble thinking about what would my next pose be. Photographer Jay Crodua was teaching me his waaaaays of poses and the like, and I, on the other hand, giggled and laughed on his mimicry. Haha. Kuya Jay is the best. ♥ .

Sorry for the low-definition photos. I only used the uploaded photos on my facebook profile. And you know how facebook destroys quality (=_=) Yeah, facebook.

It was so hot, and I’ve got to retouch a few times just to look decent. I was perspiring. D: and yes, I know, I was definitely icky.

The said above photos were taken by a dear friend of Kuya Jay, Kuya Marky Koi. :’3

Jay Crodua and Marky Koi were the reasons for the success of this shoot. ♥

Bought the blouse from this online shop:

It is a Korean apparel. Matched with white shorts and white sandals with a 5-second quick bun and you’re good to go.

Both classy and fab.

There you go for my title’s origin, Silver Lining.

Till Next Blog. ♥


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