She’s all cheese!

Well, I was about to prolong the wait a little bit by posting pictures of my photography projects to you guys and no, I am not the model BUT the photographer. I wanted to show you guys how much of a noobie I am when it comes to photography. And yes, welcome those hateful criticisms. Lol. But sad to say, my blog is currently on maintenance so I guess that has to wait. ( I have to copy paste ) *wink wink*

For those, who don’t know what I’m babbling about, read here

So today, on with our second blogger for the wait. To be honest, I’m having fun blogging about bloggers. Maybe I’d blog a number of bloggers for this month. Personal style bloggers to be exact. I don’t know really. Never did I know that I have a knack for blogging. It’s just funny that I once had thought that blogging is for people who have nothing to do with their lives. But now, well, here I am. Tadaaa!

WARNING: This is a very cheesy post.

As we all know, there are lots of different kinds of cheese such as cheddar, mozzarella, baby swiss, blue cheese and so on. But didn’t you know there’s also someone who calls herself “Cheesie”and blogs about all things cheesy in her life? Now you know.


Ringo, is a famous blogger from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and prefers to be called Cheesie. Her name eventually evolved from one to the other. From Ringo, Ring, Rin and then to Cheesie. Her love for cheese is incomparable like no other. Her favorite kind of cheese is cheddar and due to her love for it, she named her dog ” Cheddie”. She knows how to speak different languages, like Japanese, English, Cantonese, Malaysian and so on. She started blogging in 2004. She is a full-time blogger (updates regularly) and makes a living out of it. She gets invitations to fashion shows from different brands and not to mention, she has sponsors. Oh, how I envy her! If only blogging was a job, I’d be rich by now. And oh, before I forget, she is also happily married. ♥

She usually blogs about her sponsors, events, reviews, her travels, and anything under the sun. But based from one of her interviews, her favorite bloggable topics are reviews of makeup items and fashion. She is really into fashion, that I can tell you. ♥ She takes her photos by herself. Meaning, no expensive DSLRs and whatsoever. Here are some of her outfit shots among the thousands:

I can’t pinpoint what her preferred fashion style is, and that’s what’s good about her. ♥

She’s all cheese. 


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