This is getting a habit. I’ve noticed I’ve kept on changing themes. There must be something wrong with me. Lol. I think I’d stick with spun theme. It’s simple, cute and very clean. VERY. Clean. *insert poker face here* Anyway, what I love about this theme is that the featured images of the posts are the main focus. So, if you guys would check out my site, you’d easily see an update by thinking ” Ooooh, I’ve never seen this pic before” and just click away. Lol. I’m getting random nowadays. Forgive me.

Just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday to me! Just turned one year older once again. It sometimes breaks my heart. See? I even sound so old now. Ugh! Setting issues of old age aside, I just had my Christmas Bonus Pay last night, and yes I can finally buy the camera lens I’ve always had my eyes on. I can finally become the photographer wanna-be I’ve always dreamed of. I will purchase the lens sometime this December so my outfits shots are still scheduled for January. You know, just to start the year with happy vibes. Lol.

People gave me presents. BIRTHDAY PRESENTS. And I’m happy, honestly. Not that I’m not used to it but every time someone gives me one, I’d turn into this small little red mushroom and just wait for the feels to disappear. I am so weird.

Sorry for this random post. I am just a little proud red mushroom to share this to the world.

My family surprised me so early in the morning with a cake and some candles. So I have to like, blow the candles in a very zombie mode. That started my birthday with good vibes.

My best friend gave me a gift. A small pocket book about friendship. Isn’t she the sweetest? ♥ I spent work like…uh… as usual. After work, my friends and I went to have some chocolate cupcakes my mom bought for me out in the park. So we had a greasy chocolate festival on our own and we didn’t care ( People were looking at us and we had chocolate smudges all over our face as we pigged out). We were like elementary students and our conversations were so random. We played charades, limbo, and sang 80s and 90s songs like there’s no tomorrow.

My boyfriend’s so generous. I was, to be honest, stunned of what he gave me. They were too much. He gave me a 28 karat gold pendant and a DSLR tripod. GET THAT. THOSE. Can someone spell EXPENSIVE for me? Ugh. Men and their money.

Might post pictures of their gifts in my future posts.

Anyway, spent my 21st birthday with family and friends. ♥ It was so  memorable.


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