She has thirsty thoughts!

Okay, I bet you guys are getting impatient for our next featured Filipina blogger. I’ve been busy with work lately and especially, with the parties. December is the last month of the year, but it is also my busiest month. There are lots of parties. LOTS; Birthday and Christmas parties alike. Plus, work and social life has taken most of my time so I apologize for this late post.

I hope you enjoyed my last two posts:  Shine Bright Like A Starr and Two of Us . I know I’m such a noob when it comes to photography but I promised myself that I will get better in this field. ( Don’t I sound optimistic?) Lol!

Anyway, you guys have been waiting for this next feature. She is quite thirsty for thoughts, I tell you. Her name is no other than…


” Simplicity is beauty.”, is what I always say. Well, most of the time anyway. Kryz Uy is a personal style blogger from the Philippines, specifically from Cebu. She is the creative director of WAGW (What a Girl Wants), a chain of retail boutiques in the Philippines. If you were able to follow my posts, a photo shoot of her and her boyfriend inspired me to have this amateur shoot Two Of Us. (Welcome those hateful criticisms once again, Lol!) Putting those aside, Kryz’s style is more simpler compared to the other four bloggers BUT… ( Yes, there’s a but)…it is always catchy and elegant. Her elegance and choice of wardrobe make her like any other. She is simple but classy and elegant but sassy. She makes use of what she can and has a very extravagant way of matching this and that.She is a dancer, she does yoga and she is one energetic girl. ♥

And this is the penultimate of the list so get ready.

These are some of my favorite outfit shots of Kryz:

Okay, that’s enough for today. Check her blog out for more outfit shots. Remember, these girls are my inspirations to make my own personal style blog and I hope you guys would also check my choice of wardrobe too.


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