She tries to blog!

Happy Holidays everyone! How was your Christmas?Are you enjoying the still coldness of the air and the jolly good ol’ yuletide season? I am currently listening to the movie Frozen’s soundtracks while making this blog. It currently matches the Christmas feel and enlightens my mood to blog ( I have serious blog mood fluctuations). Anyway, before I feature the last Filipino personal style blogger for today, let’s have a recap on the four bloggers, shall we?

We have Tricia Gosingtian, Cheesie, Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy so far. Remember to click their names in the original post. It redirects you to their personal blogs. :D Now for the last featured blogger, let’s all welcome the last but not the least…


Camille is a fashion designer, a model and a stylist. She’s the owner and designer of Coexista clothing line that caters to the young and fashion savvy women of today. The way she picks out patterns and colors and how she matches with different styles of fashion is what I love about this girl. Her creativity is unique. And also, she entertains and replies to your questions and comments. She started out as a blogger on the month of April 2011. Look how far she has gone through the past two years. ♥ I want to be like her someday. Ohhh, how I envy her taste in fashion. In one of her interviews, she doesn’t want to be referred as a fashion blogger, but rather she prefers the title “personal style” blogger. :D She also gets collaborations, sponsors and she travels to other countries for work. She is a friend both to Kryz and Laureen. They call themselves as ” Blogging Besties”. ♥ Ain’t they sweet? 

I know you guys are waiting for her outfit shots and here goes nothing. These are some of my favorite outfit shots of Camille Co:










Well, enough is enough for today. If you want to check her awesome outfit shots, check her blog. Just click her name located above this post. :D So I hope I did some justice during the wait guys. xoxo Leaving a comment is highly appreciated. So as you can see, these five girls are my inspirations to becoming a personal style blogger. Stay tuned!


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