Shine Bright Like A Starr

From what I mentioned earlier from my previous blog post about me having a very sexy thing for portraits, today’s feature would be on my second photography project.

The BTS of this blog won’t follow. Didn’t take a lot of BTS pictures on this one. Mac was too busy shopping online. Lol! Anyway, this was just a small shoot – y’know, just to practice myself.

I edited and published the photos a week later after the shoot. There are two reasons for the delay. First, I wasn’t feeling well the day after the said shoot and three days later, I was brought to the nearest hospital’s emergency room. Second, I didn’t have any editing programs that would read a RAW file. And after days and days of searching the wonders of Google, I finally found one.

Now, without further delay, here is my second photography project. In short, my prography (project photography). Lol! Forgive my neologism. It’s hitting up again.

I amazed myself on this one. How did I manage to edit this so professionally? Lol!

I have a sucker’s talent at editing photos. Ugh! I need to improve. I need to do more shoots. I am currently saving up for another camera body and some portrait lenses and I really want someone to teach me the basics of photo-editing. Photoshop is such a complicated and sophisticated program. Note: Just so you know, I didn’t use Adobe Photoshop for editing these photos nor did I use Lightroom.

Gave this blog the title of ” Shine Bright Like A Starr” because Starr was, well, so bright at that time. Haha. She has this very cute laughter that makes you want to cuddle her and the way she was emitting her yellow aura was beyond giddy. ( Yes, people. I can see auras). And what I love about her was that no matter how tired she was for putting up with this project of mine, she still had the energy to continue. Thanks Starr. xoxo


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Mau Sarcon


Phoebe Bitoon

photography mentor and assisstant

Mark Villamor

photography project title

Shine Bright Like A Starr


Two of Us

What do you get when you suddenly change hobbies? Other than ideas on telling yourself to get better on that certain field, there are certain sacrifices that have to be made. I’m a cosplayer (was…uh… I don’t know) and my last cosplay was still back in March this year, and take this, think about the months of hiatus. People have been telling me on Facebook that they haven’t seen me in the cosplay community. For that, I can give you two reasons. First, for some reason, every single event is held on a Saturday. And I have work on Saturdays so no can do. I just can’t file a leave whenever there is an event. That would leave me penniless. Lol! Second, I don’t have the resources to cosplay ( money, time, etc.).  Whether I like it or not, these are inevitable. Despite the reasons in my list, I am only going to give you two. Other reasons, well, may be a bit too personal.

But hey, despite my long hiatus in the cosplay community, I have been keeping myself busy with a new hobby. Photography. That’s right. You read it right. I still remember my first post as a blogger; telling myself how I wanted to become a photographer. Let’s just call myself as a “photographer-wanna-be”.I am not worthy to be be called as a photographer compared to all the professionals out there. That would be unfair. Anyway, if you want to read my first post as a blogger, do so here

This year has been good to me. So many positive happenings and the like. I got to have my very own first DSLR bought with my own savings. So yeah, if you’ve read my first blog post, you would know what I’m currently talking about. When I first laid my hands on this baby of mine, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t figure things out, for example, the shutter speed, the ISO, the exposure etc etc. And I know, to become a photographer, you’d have to eventually learn of these things. So during my free time at work, I would google away all the possible answers I could get. Google surprises you in mysterious ways. <3

I’ve done two shoots so far. I have a very sexy thing for portraits. I don’t know why but I know it’s a calling. But for this blog post, I am going to have more emphasis on the first shoot I had which I entitled as the ” Two of Us“. A couple shoot of a famous Cebuana Fashion Blogger and her boyfriend inspired me to have one. The photos are enchanting. And the photographer was able to catch every moment of their cute romance. So thus, the idea of me having a couple shoot as my very first photography project was born.

It was a bright cloudy day and I know, that didn’t even make sense because we all know the word cloudy usually means “dark”. I was having a hard time figuring my camera out. Photoshop is such a complicated program. It takes absolutely god given talent for you to be good at it. Anyway, what I did wrong was I set my camera to JPEG format instead of RAW ( have mercy on the photographer-wanna-be-that-didn’t-do-her-homework-beforehand). So please forgive the photos if they are too pixelated and grainy for your liking. I edited these photos amateurishly using some editing programs I found online.

And again, welcome those hateful criticisms. *waves white flag*

I would like to thank Kimberly Lavarez and Mico Sato for making this shoot a success and for acting professional all throughout the shoot. Also to Marjorie Bongbong, for sticking with us and for pampering Kim’s face. Also thanks to Ray Franchis Patalinghug ang Mark Alud Villamor for teaching me the ways of photography. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thanks for putting up with me and my selfish requests. <3  Lablab

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